What is an LPG Powered Zamboni 525?

It’s not an exotic Italian sports car but it does have wheels and tyres.  

The maximum speed of the Zamboni 525 is about 15km per hour but their machines have been involved in televised races, with thousands of fans going wild. 

Like a F1 race car, it has only one seat and four tyres. 

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However, the similarities end there.

For example, no one would ever suggest that the Zamboni® 525 is aerodynamic. 

But they are so proud of this non-aerodynamic shape that they trademarked it. 

I’ve also never seen a F1 with steel studded tyres!

It is an iconic brand seen around the world and crowds have been known to cheer when one makes an appearance at a sporting event. 

Some drivers even attain celebrity status. 

The name is so well known that many people incorrectly use “Zamboni” to describe this type of equipment in the same way that many people refer to a copy machine as a “Xerox”, even though Zamboni® is a registered trademark.

But What is it?

They are the big machines that motor around an ice rink making rough ice into something almost as smooth as glass.  

Zamboni is the brand name for the original ice resurfacing machines, first sold by Frank Zamboni back in 1949.  Frank J. Zamboni & Co., Inc. continues to this day as the world’s leader in ice resurfacing machines.

How a Zamboni Works

Zamboni Ice Resurfacing Machine

At the front of the machine, a sharp blade shaves the upper surface off of the ice. 

The shavings are removed with rotating augers and deposited in the large storage bin, also known as the “snow tank”, because the shavings resemble snow.

Jets of water are then used to clear away any dirt and debris lodged in the remaining grooves in the ice. 

The machine also collects and recycles this water.

Warm water is then dispensed out of the back of the machine, spread by a towed towel, resulting in a smooth ice surface.

Image shape is a ® registered trademark
Picture courtesy of zamboni.com

LPG makes it go

If you ice skate, you probably have LPG to thank for the nice smooth ice at the ice rink. 

Many ice resurfacers, including Zamboni ice resurfacing machines, are fuelled by LPG.

The LPG is used just like autogas, powering the engine that drives the machine.

The Zamboni ice resurfacing machines uses two LPG forklift cylinders as their gas supply.

This allows the operator to switch from one to the other when the first one runs out of gas.

Removing the empty cylinder and replacing it with a full one is also easily done.

LPG is Exceptional Energy and an amazingly versatile fuel.  Zamboni® ice resurfacing machines are just one example.





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