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ELGAS NZ Hot water LPG systems

LPG powered hot water systems

Let your business enjoy the benefits of quiet, compact and visually pleasing LPG hot-water systems that work in even sub-zero temperatures. Thanks to the absence of refrigerants or loud pumps and motors, these systems seldom break down and require no or negligible servicing.

ELGAS NZ Tankless hot water

Instantaneous Flow Water Heater

  • With no tank to clean, they are low on maintenance 
  • More hygienic as without a tank bacteria and other sediments can’t contaminate the water
  • Can easily be scaled up with a manifold system
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor mounting
  • Temperature preset features allow for safety and economy
  • Compact and sleek look
  • Ideal for heavy duty and commercial use


ELGAS NZ LPG supported solar hot water

LPG Boosted Solar Hot Water

  • Let your solar system switch to running on LPG on cloudy days
  • Remove weather dependency of your solar hot water by complimenting it with LPG
  • Large range of LPG supported hot water systems to suit budget, space and level of use
ELGAS LPG Commercial Boiler

LPG Powered Commercial Boiler

  • Clean combustion and no NoX with LPG
  • Superior temperature control
  • High LPG calorific value
  • Ideal for locations that do not have a natural gas connection

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How does a tankless or continuous flow LPG hot water heater work?

How does a tankless or continuous flow LPG hot water heater work?

Discover how tankless LPG instant gas water heaters can enhance efficiency, energy ratings, and overall benefits, reducing operational costs compared to traditional gas storage tank water heaters. We will explain the operating mechanism of gas continuous flow water systems, particularly how its Electronic Control Unit (ECU) regulates temperature and controls all functions. Aside from controls, you’ll learn about why the right hot water system capacity matters based on household usage patterns and why having an expert install and maintain your instant gas hot water system for safety and compliance with policies is important.

Continuous flow hot water heater systems are the most popular type of gas hot water heater. The reasons are simple – they are energy efficient and being tankless means the hot water just keeps on coming.

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