LPG for tourism and hospitality

Tourism and hospitality’s reliance on LPG

LPG is ubiquitous in the hospitality and tourism sector. Thanks to its versatility, efficiency and ease of transport to off-grid locations, it is used extensively for many functions like hot water, heatingcooking, off-grid venue power supply, recreational vehicles, street food vehicles and many other requirements. If you are an enterprise in the hospitality and tourism space looking for LPG solutions, connect with us for professional guidance.

ELGAS NZ LPG for off-grid event venues

Make-shift/Off-grid Event Venues

LPG is a great option for off-grid venues that don’t have an electricity or natural gas connection. Event organisers can easily arrange for quick and economical LPG storage and transportation, making event set-ups fast and simple.

ELGAS NZ LPG for Food trucks

Food Trucks

The role of street food is undisputedly a major one when it comes to tourist engagement. Most street food vehicles rely on the efficient, economical and relatively low carbon footprint of LPG. Uses include but are not limited to cooking, heating and power generation.

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