Chefs choose to cook with gas…

LPG is a dependable energy source that can really boost business performance.

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Commercial Cooking in NZ with LPG…

LPG Gas Cooking for the NZ Hospitality Industry

With the escalating cost of electricity, it’s worth exploring cooking with LPG.


LPG can also power your hot water and room heaters.

A dedicated delivery driver monitors your usage to ensure there’s always sufficient LPG.

You also get Flybuys points for your business LPG gas purchases.

Cook with Gas No Matter Where You Work

Almost every professional chef wants to cook with a gas cooktop.

Now you can!

LPG Everywhere

But how can you get gas cooking if you work in an area without natural gas supply?

LPG gas is the answer.

LPG gas is available virtually anywhere in NZ and adding it to your business is easier than you think.

Gas – The Better Way to Co

Cooking with gas is so much better than using a traditional electric cooktop.

Gas provides heat more rapidly and evenly, as the flame wraps around the pan.

Temperature control is instantaneous, so you don’t have to move a pot off the burner to stop cooking.

Be able to cook a real stir fry in a proper wok, with a gas wok burner.

Easy to Install

Gas cooktops can be fitted into the same space as your old electric unit.

You just measure your current space and select a gas cooktop that is the same size.

Cook with Gas at an Affordable Price

Best of all, cooking with LPG gas is very affordable.

There are quality gas cooktops available with a premium stainless steel finish, wok burner and electronic ignition, so no wasted gas on pilot lights.

LPG gas is very affordable, too.


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