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Cleaner & efficient cooking with LPG

LPG continues to be the fuel of choice for several small, medium and large commercial kitchens. Its superior temperature control, near-complete combustion, zero NoX particles are some the several benefits businesses using it enjoy. It is also easily transported and stored, making it the ideal choice for locations that don’t have access to natural gas. When transported in bulk or in adequate quantities, a business need not pay recurring service charges or peak pricing, thus making LPG the more economical solution.

Benefits of Cooking with LPG

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Flame & Temperature control

  • LPG cooking offers superior temperature responsiveness. Turning off the flame shuts down heat completely. Kitchen staff don’t need to move a dish away from the burner to stop further cooking.
  • It also provides an open flame to cook stir-frys and hot pots.
  • No NoX, complete combustion and higher calorific value make it the greener and efficient fuel choice.


ELGAS NZ LPG transportation

Transport, storage & shelf-life

  • LPG transportation is safe and easy.
  • LPG can be stored indefinitely as it does not spoil.
  • The only constraint involving LPG storage is the cylinder or tank that contains it.
  • LPG storage containers need little maintenance, with an inspection required just once every decade.
LPG Burner durability

Wear and tear

  • LPG burners are more resilient than their induction and hotplate counter-parts, making them the preferred solution for the heavy wear and tear of commercial kitchens.
  • While LPG cooktops require a little more time to clean when compared with induction and hot plate stoves, their durability outweighs this disadvantage.

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