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We believe that homes and businesses should be able to count on a sustainable supply of energy, wherever they’re based. This is why we’ve built out the best LPG supply network in Australasia and staffed it with local friendly experts.

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Power your home with LPG for cooking, heating, hot water and more. Switching over to ELGAS is easy. Enjoy great value LPG, free doorstep delivery and reliable service from ELGAS.


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Let your business enjoy the benefits of our extensive distribution network. We can provide your business with dependable supply, technical support, product safety, training and customised solutions for specific needs

Australasia’s largest marketer of LPG

We’ve been catering for homes and businesses across New Zealand since 2009 and are Australasia’s largest supplier of LPG. Our LPG storage facilities are the largest in the southern hemisphere. Our fleet of LPG trucks supply LPG to hundreds of customers across New Zealand every day. Residential uses of LPG include gas cooking, heating and hot water supply as well as SWAP’n’GO cylinders for your barbeque. Businesses use our LPG for forklifts, heaters, hospitality and a range of different drying, heating and other industrial applications. We are owned by Linde, the largest global industrial gases and engineering company.

“Appreciate receiving gas cylinders especially in this weather. Many, many thanks to your delivery drivers, they do a terrific job and still have time to let you know that your second cylinder is getting low and to keep an eye on it. Well Done Elgas.”

― Elizabeth Johns, Canterbury

“Great service – replacements always come relatively quickly . Reasonable pricing.”

― Alex Scott, Aukland

“User friendly website for payment and ordering etc. Prompt delivery and great service.”

― Elisabeth Gray, Southland

ELGAS NZ carbon neutral

Committed to a sustainable future

ELGAS is committed to working with our customers, industry and government as we transition to a low emissions future. We are investing in new technology to reduce emissions across our operations and sourcing renewable energy for our sites across New Zealand. We are actively working with our partners to progress research and development into low carbon alternatives such as renewable LPG, with a goal to be producing 100% renewable gases by 2040. Today, LPG can immediately reduce carbon emissions by up to 50% when transitioning from coal and other heavy carbon emitting fuels, and is a reliable back-up fuel for renewable energy alternatives.

Information and blogs

A guide to LPG hot water systems

A guide to LPG hot water systems

Considering a new hot water system? Explore the numerous advantages of an LPG hot water system and discover why it may be the perfect solution for all your hot water needs.

How does a tankless or continuous flow LPG hot water heater work?

How does a tankless or continuous flow LPG hot water heater work?

Discover how tankless LPG instant gas water heaters can enhance efficiency, energy ratings, and overall benefits, reducing operational costs compared to traditional gas storage tank water heaters. We will explain the operating mechanism of gas continuous flow water systems, particularly how its Electronic Control Unit (ECU) regulates temperature and controls all functions. Aside from controls, you’ll learn about why the right hot water system capacity matters based on household usage patterns and why having an expert install and maintain your instant gas hot water system for safety and compliance with policies is important.

Continuous flow hot water heater systems are the most popular type of gas hot water heater. The reasons are simple – they are energy efficient and being tankless means the hot water just keeps on coming.

Connection between Propane, Butane and LPG

Connection between Propane, Butane and LPG

The terms Propane, Butane, and LPG are often interchanged and are usually confused. Propane’s lower boiling point and higher vapour pressure make it suitable for colder climates, while Butane’s higher boiling point makes it an excellent propellant and great for warmer climates. LPG, or Liquified Petroleum Gas, is usually a mix of both Propane and Butane.

Everyone in Australia is familiar with LPG as fuel for the BBQ at home or the gas stove for camping trips. However, some people don’t know about the many other commercial applications for LPG industrial gases, propane, and butane, so it’s worth looking at their differences and advantages.

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