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Commercial LPG Gas for NZ Business & Agriculture

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Forklift Gas Bottle Supply

A fast and dependable supply of forklift gas, at a very competitive price, to keep your business moving.

Agriculture & Horticulture

LPG has numerous applications in agriculture including heating for poultry, livestock, greenhouses and more.

Dairy Hot Water Systems

Your Dairy Gas Hot Water plant will be engineered, specified and installed to meet your specific needs.

Commercial Cooking

Almost every professional chef wants to cook with a gas cooktop. Now you can! LPG can also power your hot water and room heaters.

Diesel Substitution

Partial Substitution with LPG, saves money and lowers emission with diesel engines in fixed installations and vehicles.

Flame Weeding

Highly effective, non-chemical weed control technique for NZ. This technique is popular with organic farmers.

Gas Hot Water

Elgas can recommend a hot water solution and delivery program to suit your needs.

Gas Heating

LPG gas is an extremely efficient method of Industrial Heating, with little energy loss from its production or use.


Commercial LPG Gas for NZ Business & Agriculture


Elgas appreciates your business!

Elgas prides itself on being the most reliable source of LPG to New Zealand business.

That’s why Elgas is the chosen LPG supplier to hundreds of businesses across the country.

You also get Fly Buys points for your business LPG gas purchases.

When you choose Elgas:

Your supply options include tanker delivery, for bulk users, and exchange cylinder service for lower volume users.

Bulk storage is provide that fits the needs of your business

You get payment option choices to match your preference

Your transactions are simplified with our Online Services, where you can make payments, order gas, leave special instructions, check delivery dates, download duplicate invoices and much more, all with just a few clicks.


Get Flybuys for your business LPG gas purchases…

It's time you got rewarded.




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