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The ELGAS gas bottle exchange program typically offers a pair of 45 kg cylinders- one of which is physically replaced by an ELGAS delivery driver once its contents are consumed.

How Exchange works

How gas bottle exchange works

  • The typical exchange gas bottle setup for homes and small businesses is to have two 45 kg gas cylinders fitted with gas regulators.
  • The two gas cylinders are linked by a changeover valve. When one cylinder is empty, you flip the valve over to the full cylinder. This is your reminder to order a fresh 45 kg gas cylinder.
  • Your ELGAS LPG delivery driver will then come to your home and exchange a full cylinder for your empty one.
Exchange Benefits

Advantages of gas bottle exchange

  • Enjoy benefits of gas despite being in an off-grid location or without access to piped natural gas
  • The two cylinder set-up allows continuous use of gas without disruption
  • A pair of 45 kg cylinders offer adequate amount of LPG to fulfill a typical household’s needs pertaining to cooking, heating and hot water.
  • Easily sign-up and order online.
  • Enjoy competitive pricing.

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