You can’t beat the original

1000’s SWAP’n’GO Locations

SWAP’n’GO is available from our key partners across New Zealand.

How The SWAP’n’GO Program Works

Our SWAP’n’GO program allows thousands of happy customers to simply switch an empty ELGAS barbeque bottle with a filled one. No long queues or manual refills, just swap an empty bottle with a new one at over 700 retailers across New Zealand.

Now, for first time buyers or customers without an empty bottle to swap, simply purchase a new full gas bottle from any of our dealers to become a part of our SWAP’n’GO program. 

Why Swap'n'go with ELGAS NZ

Why SWAP’n’GO?

  • With SWAP’n’GO you can be assured of:
    a) Receiving a cylinder that has been checked and is in date
    b) A cylinder that is filled correctly with the right LPG amount
  • Guaranteed cylinder exchange quality
  • Each SWAP’n’GO cylinder you receive- new or refurbished is thoroughly inspected by ELGAS professional technicians
  • We ensure precision filling and leak testing
  • The yellow SWAP’n’GO seal on the neck indicates that it has been quality checked and filled to safe industry standards. 
  • You don’t need to visit and wait at a petrol station to refill your BBQ cylinder.
  • Simply exchange your empty SWAP’n’GO cylinder for a fresh one.
  • You own the BBQ gas cylinder refill (patio gas cylinder) you receive
  • SWAP’n’GO across hundreds of locations across New Zealand