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From fast modular forklift gas refill equipment installation to 50 tonne LPG tanks; air driven LPG pumps to telemetry options that safeguard supply of LPG – ELGAS have a team of qualified and experienced technicians and engineers to coordinate your specific site requirements from initial design and layout, to site installation and commissioning.

ELGAS technicians and engineers are familiar with all the relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards, Industry Codes and State or Territory safety guidelines. Our New Business Managers are available to connect you with the right local engineers or technicians to coordinate everything needed for your business LPG needs, including safety training for your site team.

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How does a tankless or continuous flow LPG hot water heater work?

How does a tankless or continuous flow LPG hot water heater work?

Discover how tankless LPG instant gas water heaters can enhance efficiency, energy ratings, and overall benefits, reducing operational costs compared to traditional gas storage tank water heaters. We will explain the operating mechanism of gas continuous flow water systems, particularly how its Electronic Control Unit (ECU) regulates temperature and controls all functions. Aside from controls, you’ll learn about why the right hot water system capacity matters based on household usage patterns and why having an expert install and maintain your instant gas hot water system for safety and compliance with policies is important.

Continuous flow hot water heater systems are the most popular type of gas hot water heater. The reasons are simple – they are energy efficient and being tankless means the hot water just keeps on coming.

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