LPG gas bottle supply to Greymouth, Hokitika, Punikaiki, Reefton & Stillwater. Great LPG gas prices…

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West Coast’s LPG Gas Supplier

Elgas is a leading supplier of LPG gas cylinders and LPG gas bottles to West Coast homes and businesses.
We deliver LPG gas cylinders to the NZ West Coast, including Greymouth, Hokitika, Punikaiki, Reefton, Stillwater and surrounding areas.

Our   LPG cylinder supply options   page provides a brief explanation of your LPG gas cylinder delivery options.

Your choices include our Automatic Tanker Delivery and Exchange gas cylinder services.

We also have different gas cylinder sizes to suit your needs, depending on how much LPG gas you use.

Find out How to Compare LPG Gas Suppliers

After you get your LPG gas cylinders, you get numerous payment options from which to choose.

You can also use our online services  to make payments, order LPG gas cylinders and much more, all with just a few clicks.

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