Important LPG Safety Warning Regarding Using 9kg in Lieu of 45kg Gas Bottles


We do not recommend connecting a 9kg gas bottlein place of a 45kg gas bottle, due to a number of safely issues that can affect both your personal safety and the proper operation of your gas appliance.

This Elgas initiative is as per the LPGA recommendations and is industry wide. All LPG retailers should be providing their customers with the same warning.

9kg LPG Gas Bottle Use as a Temporary Replacement Should Not Be Done

The following potential safety hazards will exist of you try to use a 9kg gas bottle as a temporary replacement for a 45kg gas bottle:

  • The 9kg gas bottle could end up hanging from its supply hose.
  • The 9kg gas bottle has no place to sit upright and level
  • The 9kg gas bottle is not secured and may fall.
  • The 9kg gas bottle was not leak-tested after connecting.
  • The 9kg gas bottle may not be grounded, creating an ignition hazard


If you have any concerns, call your local gas fitter.

If Gas Appliances are Not Turned Off, Connecting the Cylinder Can Lead to a Gas Leak

If gas appliances are still turned on when the gas flow is re-established, the building may fill with LPG vapour. LPG is an asphyxiant and can cause suffocation. It may also ignite if there is an ignition source. This may be something as simple as turning on a light switch. The result could be a fire or explosion.

  • Some appliance will not run off a 9kg LPG gas bottle. Some appliances need a greater flow of gas than a 9kg gas bottle can supply. This means the appliance may not get enough LPG to run properly or at all.
  • Connecting an LPG cylinder must be done correctly and the connection checked for integrity
  • It is critical that any LPG cylinder, big or small, is installed properly and tested for leaks using a soapy water solution. Bubbles indicate a gas leak. A 45kg cylinder connection is different from a 9kg, inasmuch as it requires tools for tightening.
  • The 9kg cylinder may have a slightly different valve arrangement to that on your house installation.
  • The placement of the 9kg LPG cylinder is important
  • Many installations will not have a suitable place to sit the 9kg cylinder. It must be standing upright and it must nothang by its hose – this is really dangerous and could cause a gas leak.
  • It must not be in an unstable position where it could fall and start leaking or be damaged.
  • An LPG cylinder must not be within 1m of an opening, or within 1.5m of a potential ignition source.

Important LPG Safety Information

When connecting or disconnecting the supply of an LPG gas bottle, do not carry your mobile phone. A mobile phone or other electrical device can ignite gas.

Do not have any smoking, naked flames or any electrical device nearby.



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