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FAQ • Frequently Asked Questions for LPG Gas

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New to LPG Gas Questions

Gas Bottle & Regulator Questions

Ordering My LPG Gas Questions

Managing My LPG Supply Questions

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LPG Gas Questions

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New to LPG Gas Questions

How do I operate a home LPG gas system?

Please see information you need to know if you are a New User of Home LPG

How do I add LPG to my all-electric NZ home?

To add LPG to your home, you engage a licensed gas fitter to install the gas regulator, changeover valve and the “pigtails”.

The gas fitter also connects the gas line from the regulator to your appliance(s).

These components and the appliances are your property.

Please see How To Add LPG Gas to Your Home for more details

The cost of the installation includes regulator, valve, pigtails, the gas line to the appliances and the cost of the gas fitter’s labour.

The cost will vary by the length of the gas line required between the regulator and the appliances and the individual gas fitter.

You do not need to buy the gas bottles.

Elgas owns and provides the gas bottles.

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Where is Elgas LPG available?

We supply LPG to most parts of mainland New Zealand (north and south islands) through strategically located depots and Customer Service Centres that provide localised service.


How do I connect to Elgas LPG or get more information?

Simply ring your local Elgas NZ branch on 0800 435 427 or click here to send anOnline Enquiry.

Gas Bottle & Regulator Questions

What size & how many gas bottles or cylinders do I need for my home?

Please see LPG Gas Bottle-Cylinder Sizing for Homes


What does a gas regulator do and what about all the gas fittings?

Please see Home LPG Gas Regulators and Fittings

Ordering My LPG Gas Questions

Are there any special offers for new customers?

Yes, Elgas offers a Welcome Package that includes $100 worth of gas account credits.

It is available to new customers and to existing residential customers who are not currently covered by a supply agreement.

How do I order LPG?

New Customers can click here to Open New Account Online or call 0800 435 427.

Existing customers can Order Online, call 0800 435 427 for automated phone orders or for a friendly customer service representative.

Managing My LPG Supply Questions

How is my home LPG delivered?

Elgas has two methods of delivering LPG to your home:

1. Automatic Tanker Delivery: Exclusive to Elgas, EasyGas automatic tanker delivery involves delivery via state of the art tankers, which refill your cylinders on site.

You won’t have to remember to order LPG and there’s no more replacement of cylinders.

Elgas monitors your usage and schedules regular tanker deliveries to suit your needs.

2. Cylinder Exchange Delivery: In cases where we are unable to deliver via tanker, we deliver cylinders to your home.

Ideally, with two cylinders connected, we’re able to replace one, when empty, ensuring you always have enough supply.

Please click here for more detailed explanations of Your LPG Supply Options

How can I make sure I don’t run out of gas?

Please see 8 Tips for Not Running Out of Gas


How do I check how much gas is left in my gas bottle?

Please see How Much Gas is Left in the Gas Bottle


How long should a gas bottle last?

Please see How Long Do 45kg Gas Bottles Last


What are LPG Conversions Values for KG, Litres, MJ, BTU, kWh & M3?

Please see our easy-to-use NZ LPG Conversion Value Chart


Safety Questions

Are gas heaters safe?

Yes, when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Also, please see 25 LPG Gas Heater Safety Tips


Is LPG dangerous?

If used and handled in accordance with prescribed procedures LPG is safe.

As with electricity, natural gas, petroleum and other household chemicals, care should always be taken when using LPG.

Elgas has established an unrivalled reputation for safety, from regular compliance checks of your cylinders to the comprehensive safety and maintenance schedule of our tankers.


Why do gas bottles have to remain upright?

Gas bottles must be used and stored upright for safety reasons.

All home and BBQ gas bottles are fitted with pressure relief valves, which are designed to safely release gas in the event that the gas bottle becomes hot and the pressure becomes too great.

The pressure relief valves are incorporated into the main valve, which is at the top of the bottle.

Inside the bottle, the LPG exists as liquid at the bottom and gas vapour at the top.

Keeping the bottle upright ensures that the safety valve is not immersed in the liquid and is located in the vapour space, as it is not designed to vent liquid.


Where do I find an MSDS for LPG?

LPG Material Safety Data Sheet PDF Download

Price Questions

Why is the price of LPG Autogas lower than my LPG for my home?

The pricing is mainly based on the volume used.

Service stations purchase their LPG in large volumes, storing up to 65,000 litres at a time and refilling frequently.

The cost of delivery is also VERY different.

With Autogas, we can deliver an entire tanker full of gas within a couple of hours.

With home delivery, that same amount of gas could take many days to deliver.

Also, remember that with Autogas, you go to the gas and you provide the labour to fill your tank instead of having the gas brought to your home and having someone else do the filling.


Why does the price of LPG vary from time to time?

The price of LPG varies on a monthly basis based on a range of international and local market factors.

Please see New Zealand LPG Gas Pricing Explained

Payment Options

Does Elgas offer online transactions?

You can access our Online Services that allows you to source your up-to-date account information, order gas and make online payments, check delivery dates, leave special delivery instructions and more.

No special password is required for residential customers.

Just enter your customer number and surname and you are ready to go!


What options do I have for paying my Elgas invoices?

Please see Your LPG Gas Payment Options

LPG Gas Questions

What is LPG?

LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas, which is a generic term for a mixture of Propane and Butane gases.

When stored under pressure, they become a liquid in much less space, making LPG easy to transport.


What is the difference between LPG and natural gas?

They are similar in terms of usage.

However, LPG produces greater heat due to its higher calorific value.

Is LPG used to fuel motor vehicles?

Yes, but it’s a blend of Propane and Butane commonly known as LPG Autogas.


Is LPG the gas used in NZ barbecues?

Yes. It’s also used in space heaters, water heating systems, cookers and other applications.

Appliance Questions

Can I use LPG in natural gas appliances or vice-versa?

No. Each type of gas requires different amounts of oxygen to burn properly, so different burners are needed in the appliances.

All gas installations and conversions must be carried out by a licensed gasfitter.