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ELGAS NZ Variable LPG Price Offer details

Ready to switch things up? Introducing the new Variable Price Plan from ELGAS

As a first in the domestic LPG market in New Zealand, we are excited to announce we have introduced a brand-new Variable Price Plan offer for existing Customers, designed to fuel your life with flexibility and savings.

You may not know this, but the price of LPG actually varies from month to month based on a number of factors. This innovative plan is all about giving you the opportunity to take advantage of changes in the market price, rather than having to stick with one fixed price for all your LPG purchases.

How does the offer work?

  • This offer is available to existing ELGAS NZ residential customers with two 45kg cylinders installed at home
  • Signing up couldn’t be easier – just contact us HERE and one of your local ELGAS Customer Service Team will contact you with your personalised offer
  • Once you’ve signed up, your LPG price will be Variable and may change from month to month, allowing you to take advantage of any decreases in market price
  • Use ELGAS MyAccount online to check your current price, place an order and more
ELGAS NZ Variable LPG Price Offer working
ELGAS NZ Fixed Contract Offer Terms and Conditions

What do you need to know about the Variable Pricing Plan?

  • By signing up to the Variable Price Plan, you acknowledge that your LPG price is variable and may change each month.
  • Your LPG price will be the price as displayed in the ELGAS MyAccount  online and current at the time of delivery.
  • You price may increase, decrease or stay the same from month to month
  • Price movements are based on many factors including world LPG pricing, exchange rate fluctuations, haulage and transport costs, change in law, change in tax, road fuel excise, local costs of supply and other commercial considerations and their application may vary in timing and magnitude.
  • ELGAS will not send price change notifications, and you agree that you will check the current price on the ELGAS MyAccount prior to placing an order. You can also contact your local ELGAS Branch to confirm your current price.
  • There are no lock-in contracts, and you can leave this plan whenever you wish with no termination fee.
  • Standard Terms and Conditions apply

Understanding LPG Price Fluctuations

LPG pricing is impacted by many factors each month, including:

  • International LPG benchmark pricing & Exchange Rate: Though NZ produces most of its LPG, international pricing impacts us.  NZ’s international benchmark LPG pricing is the Saudi Aramco Contract Price, which changes monthly, is calculated in USD and is tied to exchange rates
  • Government regulation costs:  Regulation costs like the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS) are another factor. The NZ ETS prices greenhouse gas emissions, requires economic sectors (except agricultural biological emissions) to report, purchase and surrender emissions units
  • Transport and logistics costs: Moving LPG from oil and gas fields, refineries and importers, to our depots, and then trucking it to our customers – is a sizable component of our overall cost. These logistic costs further depend on variables like road taxes, refinery terminal fees, shipping costs, pipeline costs, LPG storage and the distances between ELGAS depots and customer locations


ELGAS NZ LPG Price Variables

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