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Please see our BBQ LPG Gas Bottle Sizes page for size information on 9kg bottles.

FAQ • Frequently Asked Questions • BBQ Gas Bottle Swap

The following are many of the frequently asked questions about SWAP’n’GO® BBQ gas bottle swap from NZ customers and discussions in online forums.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to send us an Online Enquiry.

Questions that have general interest, and the answers, will be added to this FAQ page.

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New to SWAP’n’GO Questions
Gas Bottle & Regulator Questions
“How To” and other BBQ Gas Supply Questions
Safety Questions
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New to SWAP’n’GO Questions

Why should I use SWAP’n’GO gas bottle swap instead of refilling?

  • It’s faster
  • It’s safer
  • The bottles are always in date
  • You know it has been filled correctly and double leak checked.

FAQ Can I return my bottle and get a refund if I don’t need it anymore?

When you purchase or swap at SWAP’n’GO you own the bottle. Unfortunately, there is no basis for issuing a refund.

You might consider giving your bottle to family or friends.

Local clubs that do sausage sizzle fund raising would also appreciate the donation.

You can also dispose of them at a local council recycling centre or you can leave the bottle at your nearest NZ SWAP’n’GO depot.

What if I don’t have a gas bottle to swap?

No problem. You can purchase a full SWAP’n’GO gas bottle without a trade-in.

Do I own the gas bottle I receive?

Yes, when you purchase or swap a gas bottle from us, you own the SWAP’n’GO gas bottle you receive.

Also, you are free to choose swap or refill when it is empty.

Where can I swap my bottle?

There are SWAP’n’GO® retailers around the country so you never have to go very far to find a fresh full LPG bottle.

Just use our convenient app…

SWAP’n’GO Near Me Locator App – FREE

Find your nearest SWAP’n’GO dealer without even having to click


What sort of gas bottles does SWAP’n’GO accept for swap?

You can swap any brand of 9kg (nominal size) gas bottle and we even accept gas bottles that are out of date (expired test date) that cannot be refilled without re-inspection.There are some basic requirements to swap:

  1. The bottle must have a foot ring and protective valve collar/handle
  2. It must have a normal BBQ valve installed. We do not accept cylinders with Primus valves
  3. Excessive dents, gouges, rust or other damages are not acceptable.

Gas Bottle & Regulator Questions

How can I tell if the gas bottle I will receive is full?

Every SWAP’n’GO gas bottle is precision filled to 9kg and leak tested by Elgas technicians.

Look for the yellow seal on the neck of the gas bottle which indicates that it has been quality checked and filled to safe industry standards by Elgas SWAP’n’GO.

How much does a 9kg gas bottle weigh when full or empty?

The full weight of gas bottles can vary based on the weight of the empty bottle.

The weight of the empty bottle, or tare weight, is stamped on the neck ring of the bottle.

To calculate the full weight, you add 9kg to the empty (tare) weight of the bottle and the total is the full weight.

“How To” and other BBQ Gas Supply Questions

How do I swap my gas bottle with SWAP’n’GO?

Swapping with SWAP’n’GO is quick and easy:

Please see How to Swap Gas Bottles

How do I check how much gas is left in my gas bottle?

Please see How Much Gas is Left in the Gas Bottle

How often do gas bottles require testing before they are out-of-date?

For info on gas bottle testing & expiry see Gas Bottle-Cylinder Testing Facts

Does SWAP’n’GO accept out of date bottles?

Yes! We accept out of date bottles at no extra charge.

How do I check how much gas is left in my gas bottle?

Carefully pour a cup of hot water down the side of the bottle and a line of condensation should appear at the level of the remaining gas.

If no line is apparent, you can also wait a few seconds and run your hand down the cylinder.

It will feel cool to the touch at the level of the gas.

If you see no line and feel no difference in temperature, chances are the bottle is empty.

Remember to always use care with the hot water.

For safety reasons, NEVER open the valve on an unattached gas bottle to check for remaining gas, even if you think it is empty.

Also, please remember that gas bottles are designed to be full at 80% or just over 3/4. This allows for the natural expansion of the gas during warmer temperatures.

An alternative way to check the bottle contents is by using a scale.

The tare (empty) weight of the bottle is stamped on the neck ring.

The difference between the scale reading and the tare weight should indicate approximately how much gas remains in the bottle.

I still have a little gas left but not enough for a BBQ, what can I do?

Everyone wants to get the full value out of their gas bottle.

The simple solution that many people use is to have a second gas bottle.

Then, you can run your first bottle completely dry and quickly switch bottles without a frantic run to your local servo.

You can then swap the empty bottle at a more convenient time.

Don’t have a second bottle? No problem.

You can purchase a second full SWAP’n’GO gas bottle without a trade-in.

Safety Questions

Why is SWAP’n’GO gas bottle swap safer than refilling?

Manually refilled cylinders can be incorrectly filled causing the cylinders to vent gas through the pressure relief valve that is part of the main valve.

This can happen, with an overfilled cylinder, as the gas gets warmer and the pressure builds.

Venting can be a very dangerous situation if it occurs near people or an ignition source and especially in vehicles.

  • SWAP’n’GO® fills the cylinders by weight on very accurate digital scales. The total fill weight is calculated based on the empty weight of the cylinder plus the gas. The scales are reset for each cylinder to achieve the proper full weight. So, you can rest assured that the bottle you buy from SWAP’n’GO is safely filled.
  • SWAP’n’GO also performs two leak checks on each cylinder before it is delivered to your local dealer.
  • We always check the inspection date on every cylinder we fill and only those with valid dates are filled. Cylinders with expired dates are inspected internally and externally, have new valves fitted and have a new date stamp applied.

How do I know a SWAP’n’GO gas bottle is safe?

At Elgas, we pride ourselves on our bottle quality.

All SWAP’n’GO gas bottles are either new or quality checked and have been refurbished by trained technicians.

Can freezing weather affect a BBQ gas bottle?

Extremely cold sub zero conditions can affect your BBQ gas bottle, particularly as it gets low on gas.

There could be liquid gas within the bottle that will not come out.

The reason for this is that the liquid gas absorbs heat from the metal walls of the gas bottle to achieve vapourisation, which is the process of going from a liquid to a gaseous state.

As the volume of liquid gas gets lower, there is less metal surface area providing heat to the gas so it may not ‘boil’ and vapourise in extremely cold conditions, when the metal gas bottle become very cold.

The best solution for this is to keep the bottle in the sun, on cold days, so it absorbs as much heat as possible.

Alternatively, switch to a full or near full bottle.

You can use the lesser filled bottle on another day, when the temperatures are warmer.

Price Questions

Why does gas bottle swap cost slightly more than refilling?

The simple answer is that you are getting much more than just the gas.

Please see 10 Reasons Why SWAP’n’GO is Better than Refilling





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