BBQ Gas Bottle Swap Sizes & Dimensions

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BBQ Gas Bottle Swap Sizes & Dimensions • 9kg

The most common size of gas bottle for NZ BBQ and camping is 9kg

As there are many manufacturers of gas bottles and gas cylinders, dimensions may vary significantly.

The following are typical ranges but there can also be exceptions outside of these ranges:


BBQ Gas Bottle Size Chart – Dimensions, Weights & Capacities

BBQ Gas Bottle Sizes


Type 9kg
Diameter 309–335 mm
Height 450–525 mm
Capacity 16.66L
Tare Wt 7.8–10.4 kg
Full Wt 16.3–19.0 kg
Energy 442MJ


Gas bottle dimensions and weights shown are approximate.

Actual dimensions may vary.

9kg BBQ Gas Bottle Swap Sizes

9kg gas cylinder size is the most common size for NZ home BBQ use.

SWAP’n’GO 9kg gas bottle. This is the standard size in our SWAP’n’GO® cylinder exchange program.

Nominal Capacity: 9kg

Diameter: 309-335mm

Height: 450-525mm

Tare (empty) Weight: 7.3-10.4kg

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