Quick Smart Gas App

Quick Smart Gas App for Your iPhone or Android

Order Your LPG Quick Smart in Just One Second!

Now you can order your LPG with just one click.

It’s a convenient easy-to-use app and it’s FREE from the Apple or Google Play Stores.

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While all of the pages of our web site are already fully compatible with mobiles and tablets, we know that many people just prefer the convenience of having an app on their smartphone.

So, we’ve built a new app that provides quick and easy ordering

♦ Order online with just one click

♦ Sign in only once, during registration. No more forgotten account numbers.

♦ Get instant order confirmation

♦ View app order history

How To:

Register Just Once

1. Download the app and open it to the sign-in page (see adjacent image).

2. Register by entering your 10 digit Elgas customer number and…

3. Enter the last name that appears on your account. If you are a commercial customer, enter your password.

4. You are now signed in and remain signed in, even if you close the app page.

5. You can re-open the app without needing to sign in again.

6. if, for some reason, you wish to lock the app, you can choose to sign out (small menu upper right). If you do, then you will need to sign back in when you next open the app.


Order LPG with Just One Click

The app gives you instant access to order:

1. The quantity will be automatically set at 1. You can elect to order more than one gas bottle by using the +/- buttons. (see image below)

2. To order the number of bottles selected, just click the “Confirm Order” button

3. A confirmation page will appear to indicate that the order was received and is being processed. (see image below)

4. If you already have an order in the system, the app automatically hides the order button so you cannot accidentally double order.

5. You can see your app order history (image below) using the upper right menu

So, if you need to order a bottle of gas, one click does it all, quick smart.
Download it now…

Download iPhone – iPad App Now

Download Android App Now