Easiest Way to Switch LPG Suppliers | Hassle Free LPG

If you are thinking about switching LPG gas suppliers, wouldn’t you want to know the easiest way to switch? 

What should you look for in a supplier to get hassle free LPG?

The following are some tips on how to choose wisely and make it easy…

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Easy Online Signup

Easy to switch LPG suppliers

It goes without saying that the easiest way to switch is being able to sign up online. 

It’s even easier if the supplier only asks for the essential information and not your entire life’s story.

Look for a supplier with a short, to-the-point signup page

Also, check to make sure the signup form is on a secure page, so that your privacy is assured.

No Contracts

Why should you have to sign a contract to get your LPG? 

You shouldn’t.

Any special offers should come with no strings attached

There is no better way to ensure prompt & excellent service than your ability to take your business elsewhere.

Getting Rid of Any Old Bottles

You don’t really want the hassle of having to make extra phone calls to arrange for the collection of any old gas bottles that you may already have. 

Your new supplier should be willing to handle the return of any old bottles without any effort on your part and the return service should be without charge.

Avoid Mistakes if you are New to LPG

Many people have no prior experience with home LPG. 

In fact, for the vast majority, their previous home did not have LPG.

However, some LPG suppliers appear to assume that you already know everything. 

Pick an LPG supplier that supports you if you are new to LPG. 

All the information you need to know should be easily accessible and written in plain English, not engineering babble.

24/7/365 Live Telephone Service

You want the freedom to be able to call your LPG supplier when it is convenient for you. 

Look for a suppler that offers 24/7 live help but beware of the ones that use overseas call centres.

Being Able to Order without Calling

Any supplier that tells you that you will never have to deal with phone queues during the busy winter season is just not being honest. 

Things get very busy during the heating season and getting straight through could be difficult at certain times. 

Don’t worry, this problem is easily solved.

Look for a supplier with 24/7 online ordering that includes real time order confirmation. 

You should also be able to order as many 45kg bottles as you need and leave any special instructions that you wish, as well as having full access to your account information. 

Even better, look for a supplier that offers mobile users an iPhone or Android App to use for all online services.

Being able to order by SMS/Text messaging is another great service. 

In addition, if they have automatic SMS/Text reminders, to check your gas bottles, it help prevent accidental out-of-gas situations.

Direct Debit without a Bunch of Paperwork

The easiest way to pay for you gas is with Direct Debit. 

However, traditionally there is a bunch of paperwork to complete and then you have to mail it back in the old fashioned way. 

Look for a supplier that gives you the choice of selecting direct debit online, without all of the traditional paperwork.

Paperless Correspondence

No one wants a pile of paper to deal with. 

You should be able to choose to receive your LPG related correspondence by email.  Better for you and the trees!


Switching or starting with an LPG supplier should be easy. 

With all of the above tips, and a bit of research, you can now make an informed decision on which supplier to choose.


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