Difference Between Propane vs LPG

Many of the gas appliances sold in New Zealand are manufactured overseas.  So, you get it home, open the box and start to read the owner’s manual and there it is!  It says that the appliance is made for use with Propane.  But where do you buy Propane?
The bad news is that this causes a lot of confusion and concern.  The good news is that a propane equivalent is readily available in New Zealand, we just call it LPG.  
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In New Zealand, the LPG we get is typically a 60:40 mixture of Propane and Butane.  Both are hydrocarbon gases and both are a Liquefied Petroleum Gas, so the mixture of the two is still LPG.  For the tech heads out there, their chemical formulas are C3H8, for Propane, and C4H10, for Butane.  
In Australia, our West Island friends just get Propane.  There is no significant difference in the perfomance between Propane and our Propane-Butane mix, so if you were to travel to Asutralia with a NZ BBQ, it would work just fine.
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A bit of trivia.  In the USA they also use Propane but they also call it “Propane” and seldom use the term LPG.  Leave it to the Yanks to be a bit different!

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