What Size and How Many Gas Bottles?

“What size and how many gas bottles do I need?” is one of the most common questions we hear from NZ homeowners. 

But before we get into discussions about size, we need to discuss delivery. There are two types of delivery for home gas bottles in NZ: gas bottle exchange and tanker refill.

With gas bottle exchange, your empty gas bottles are exchanged for full ones by the delivery driver. With tanker delivery, the gas bottles stay in place and an LPG tanker comes to your home to refill your gas bottles in place.

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45kg gas bottles - cylindersWith an exchange service, you typically get two 45kg gas bottles. The 45kg size is used because they can be moved around by the delivery driver without any special lifting equipment. The concept is that you call for a delivery when one gas bottle is empty, while you continue with an uninterrupted supply from the other gas bottle. You should never run out of gas, as long as you remember to order when the first bottle becomes empty.

With tanker refill, you may have two 45kg gas bottles, one or two 90kg gas bottles or an even larger vessel, if you use a lot of gas. The size can be as large as required, because it does not have to be moved. Another advantage of tanker refill is that the deliveries are often automatically scheduled by the supplier. This means you don’t have to check gas bottles or even order gas. It’s all done for you.  

There is one limitation with tanker refilling, in that the driver must have a clear line-of-sight between the gas bottles and the tanker. If that is not possible, then you will need to go with the exchange service.

So, it’s not so much about size, but how you fill them. Combined with the number and type of LPG appliances you have, this will help determine the size and number of gas bottles you need for your home.

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