8 Tips for Never Running Out of Home LPG

We know that there is nothing more inconvenient than being out of home LPG gas. Here are a few handy tips, if you are a gas bottle exchange customer, to help you avoid running out:

  • Always order gas as soon as the first bottle runs out.  Don't wait until the gas bottles are both empty or near empty.  Follow this advice and you are virtually assured to never run out of gas.

  • Remember to order sooner, rather than later, during the busy winter season.

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  • Remember to check your gas bottles more often in cold weather, especially if you use a gas heater or gas log fire. Even your water heater has to work harder in cold weather, as the incoming water is colder.

  • Having additional house guests can also increase your usage if you have gas hot water. Remember to check more often so both you and your guests avoid cold showers!

  • If you only have one gas bottle attached to your home, you may wish to consider adding a second gas bottle.  Unless you are on automatic tanker delivery, you will either run out or have to call for a gas bottle exchange before using up all of your gas. These are both situations you would surely like to avoid. A second bottle solves the problem and is particularly wise if you use your gas for hot water and/or heating.

  • Make sure we have your Mobile Number so you receive Gas Check Alerts™ by Text (SMS). These are sent automatically, by our computer, based on your past gas usage. With Gas Check Alerts, you will never forget to check your gas bottles again.

  • Remember to increase how often you check your gas bottles if you install additional gas appliances.

  • Also, be certain to tell us if you install additional appliances, especially if you are on automatic tanker delivery, so we can adjust your delivery schedule.

Follow these tips and you should enjoy using of your gas appliances without interruption.

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