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Gas Measurement Unit - Gas Unit - LPG Measurement Unit - How is LPG Gas Measured?

The gas measurement for methane (natural gas) is measured by volume in cubic feet or cubic metres. One cubic metre of natural gas is the volume of gas enclosed in a cubic metre at standard temperature and pressure. The gas measurement of gas reserves is measured in thousands or millions of cubic metres.

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What is an LPG Powered Zamboni 525?

It’s not an exotic Italian sports car but it does have wheels and tyres.  

The maximum speed of the Zamboni 525 is about 15km per hour but their machines have been involved in televised races, with thousands of fans going wild. 

Like a F1 race car, it has only one seat and four tyres. 

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Charcoal vs Gas BBQ Grill - Propane BBQ vs Charcoal Grill

Considering a charcoal vs propane gas BBQ grill, there are both the cooking aspects and the environmental effects. There is also a charcoal vs propane health question.

Most people would think that a renewable fuel, like wood, is more eco-friendly than a fossil fuel. 

However, when it comes to a propane vs charcoal grill, the climate friendly choice is not what you may think. 

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LPG Gas Pipe Safety Alert – Open-Ended Gas Pipes

It is both dangerous and illegal to leave a gas pipe open and un-capped or incorrectly capped.

This applies to all gas installations, including houses, caravans, boats, commercial buildings, warehouses and factories.

All gas pipes must be either connected to an appliance or securely capped.

This prevents any accidental or malicious gas leaks.

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LPG (Propane) Gas Supply Chain

There are a number of steps to the LPG - Propane - supply chain.

But first, a summary of the supply chain, what is LPG and what is it used for?

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