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Charcoal vs Gas BBQ Grill - Propane BBQ vs Charcoal Grill

Considering a charcoal vs propane gas BBQ grill, there are both the cooking aspects and the environmental effects. There is also a charcoal vs propane health question.

Most people would think that a renewable fuel, like wood, is more eco-friendly than a fossil fuel. 

However, when it comes to a propane vs charcoal grill, the climate friendly choice is not what you may think. 

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LPG (Propane) Gas Supply Chain

There are a number of steps to the LPG - Propane - supply chain.

But first, a summary of the supply chain, what is LPG and what is it used for?

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Cave Dwellers BBQ versus Urban Alfresco Dining

There are BBQs and then there are Barbecues. 
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How BBQ Gas Bottles - Propane Tanks - Are Made

The manufacturing of BBQ gas bottles – propane tanks – requires excellent quality control to assure long life and safe use.

Most users expect a minimum of 20 years of use, so premium materials and quality manufacturing are a must.

But how are they made?

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