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A Marriage Where Sparks Never Fly

Brass + Cotton = LPG Safety

Have you ever wondered why almost all LPG valves and fittings are made from brass?   

Safety is the reason but the “why” requires a bit of explanation...

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How Does a Gas Water Heater Work? (How Instant Gas Geyser Works)

Tankless continuous flow through hot water heater systems are the most popular type of gas hot water heater. 

The reasons are simple -- they never run out of hot water and they are energy efficient. 

But how does a flow through hot water heater work (how instant gas geyser works)?

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LPG Pressure - How Much Pressure in LPG Cylinder - LPG Pressure Relief Valve - Gas Cylinder Pressure

LPG pressure and how much pressure in LPG cylinder is dependent upon temperature. The higher the temperature, the higher the LPG pressure or LPG gas cylinder pressure. The LPG pressure relief valve is a safety device that prevents excessive pressure in LPG cylinder by releasing some of the gas if the LPG pressure gets too high.

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How LPG is Transported

LPG exists as either a gas (vapour) or as a liquid, when it is under a modest amount of pressure in gas bottles, cylinders, tanks and larger LPG storage vessels.

Given that gaseous LPG has a volume 270x that of liquid LPG, it is almost always transported in its more compact liquid state.

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Effortless LPG: LPG as Easy as Natural Gas

Wouldn’t it be great if having home LPG was as convenient as having natural gas? 

What if there was Another Way?

We know that the traditional way of managing and supplying home LPG is not very convenient. 
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