Cooking with LPG Gas for NZ Homes
LPG Gas Cookers, Cooktops and Rangehoods
You get the best possible cooking results with gas cooktops & gas cookers

LPG Gas Cooking for Your Home

When it comes to cooking, there's simply no substitute for gas

Leading chefs agree that the instantly controllable heat of a direct flame, that wraps around the pan, provides the ultimate cooking experience. 

With Elgas LPG, that experience is available to you, no matter where you live, even if you don't currently have gas.  LPG cooktops for great gas cooking

See your local cooking appliance retailer for:

 Freestanding upright gas cookers

Gas cooktops

Choice of all gas or gas cooktop with electric oven

Rangehoods and splashbacks 

A range of finishes

Quality gas cooktops & cookers from brand name suppliers   

Gas is far more responsive than other energies, which is advantageous when instant heat and fingertip-control are so important.

With gas cooktops and cookers, you get immediate heat on ignition, instant response to any change of settings and even distribution of heat across the base of your pots and pans.

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