LPG Gas Pipe Safety Alert – Open-Ended Gas Pipes

It is both dangerous and illegal to leave a gas pipe open and un-capped or incorrectly capped.

This applies to all gas installations, including houses, caravans, boats, commercial buildings, warehouses and factories.

All gas pipes must be either connected to an appliance or securely capped.

This prevents any accidental or malicious gas leaks.

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open ended gas pipe

Gas Piping

When any building, caravan or boat has gas appliances fitted, the gas is supplied to the appliances through pipes.

These gas pipes are typically hidden in walls and under floors.

In most gas installations, all the pipes contain pressurised gas at all times, whether in use or not.

This allows the instant starting of the appliances, when required.

Caution dictates that we assume gas pipes not used or not connected to appliances still contain gas under pressure.

The Problem – Disconnected Appliances

From time to time, there may be reasons to disconnect gas appliances.

This can be either temporary or permanent.

If this occurs and a gas pipe is left open for any reason, gas will leak into the surrounding area.

This creates a very hazardous situation.

Ignition of leaked gas can cause a fire or explosion.

This could result in property damage, injury or even death.

Problematic & Dangerous Situations

open ended gas pipe

Leaving a gas pipe end open is both illegal and dangerous.

open appliance connection

An open appliance connection is also illegal and dangerous.

gas valve

A gas valve alone is also not acceptable (illegal), as it could be easily opened by accident.

quick connect couplings

Do not use quick connect couplings in caravans, boats or other marine craft.

Correct Closure of Open Ended Gas Pipes

soldered-in copper cap

Achieve a permanent seal using a soldered-in copper cap.

Cap open appliance connections

Cap open appliance connections, using the correct brass cap, to make a gas-tight seal.

Cap open appliance connections

Install plugs in gas valves for a gas-tight seal, even if opened by accident.

Quick connect couplings

Quick connect couplings are safe and approved for use in houses.

They seal themselves when the appliance is disconnected.

Final Thoughts

Never leave a gas pipe or gas connection open, even for a brief time.

Be prepared to seal any disconnected pipe as part of the planned work.

This applies to the removal of any appliance or other work that results in an open-ended gas pipe.




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