Cave Dwellers BBQ versus Urban Alfresco Dining

There are BBQs and then there are Barbecues. 
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The BBQ Aficionado

BBQ metrosexualIn this blog we are going to contrast a BBQ planned by our old friends, the BBQ Cave Dwellers, and alfresco dining as planned by their alter ego, the BBQ Aficionados.

But what exactly is a BBQ Aficionado?  

The BBQ Aficionado is typically a city dweller who is meticulous about their appearance and grooming, including the use of expensive personal care products.
They keep themselves quite toned and wears designer clothing exclusively.

The BBQ Cave Dwellers

BBQ Caveman

In contrast, our old friend the BBQ cave dweller is a suburban or country person. 

The BBQ Cave Dwellers may or may not remember to groom and is perfectly happy in a t-shirt and stubbies. 

They like their meat raw and their beer cold.

A bit of a beer gut is just a sign of living life.

So, let’s look at the differences in how they approach the planning of an outdoor meal:

Pre-Dinner Drinks

champagne cocktail with a whole wild hibiscus flower

Upon arrival our BBQ Aficionado offers guests a choice of selected Apéritifs to stimulate their appetites. 

A favourite is the classic champagne cocktail with a whole wild hibiscus flower in the bottom of the champagne flute.

It’s simply beautiful. 
XXXX Tinnie
In comparison, our cave dweller serves guests XXXX tinnies. 

A big Esky with ice and they can help themselves.

Cave dwellers like the fact that they have pull tops so no one has to use their teeth to open them. 


hors d'oeuvres

When the guests arrive for their alfresco dining experience, the good BBQ Aficionado host serves them some very creative hors d’oeuvres.

A good starter does not fill the guests, it gets them ready for the main event.

It may be salmon and cucumber on puff pastry or perhaps some homemade sushi or sashimi?
Mini Sausage rolls
The cave dwellers simply cannot understand this wasted effort.

In contrast, they whip some mini sausage rolls out of the freezer and into the oven.
They are then tossed onto a plate, where they are bathed in tomato sauce.  

The BBQ Aficionado is horrified!


White wineAlong with the food, the hosts need to serve a beverage. 

Our BBQ Aficionado host has carefully chosen an aged and wooded chardonnay to serve with the lighter fare.  The oak bouquet is pleasing to the nose and palate. 

Stubby holderOur friend the cave dweller sticks with XXXX tinnies, as they fit well into the treasured collection of stubby holders, in which they take great pride.  
Besides, they get a discount from the local bottle shop when they buy four slabs at a time.


grilled salmon

To the BBQ Aficionado, presentation is as important as the food itself.  

They choose a lightly seared salmon fillet with an attractive vegetable garnish. 

They know that salmon should never be served cooked through.

A twist of lemon completes the presentation.

All are very healthy choices.

BBQ Snags
Meanwhile, our cave dweller is grilling a pile of snags that was on special at the local grocery store.

They cook them until they get a nice black crust on the outside.

They are too busy drinking XXXX to check them very often when they are cooking.

Serve them with copious quantities of sauce and nobody will notice.


 Pear & Gorgonzola Salad

Sticking with their passion for healthy fare, our BBQ Aficionados have put together a Pear & Gorgonzola Salad to complement the main course. 

The salad is also intended to go well with the white wine of the day. 

In the meantime, our cave dweller has fired up the deep fryer.

Chips - french fries

They have cooked up a batch of chips that are wonderfully hot and greasy. 

More is better!

They top them off with chicken salt and copious quantities of sauce. 

They also serve coleslaw, but only because it could be bought ready-to-eat at the store.


Fruit salad

Fresh fruit salad is the dessert choice of our fit BBQ Aficionado.

They have chosen the fruit used based on their beautifully contrasting colours.

They made a special trip to the fruit store that morning, to make sure everything was ripe and just right.

They very meticulously cut up the fruit so that all the pieces are of a perfectly uniform size.

Greasy donuts

Meanwhile, our cave dwellers kept the deep fryer bubbling away.

They are making up a batch of fresh cinnamon sugar doughnuts. 

They never drain them, as they believe the extra grease helps make the cinnamon sugar stick.  

The more sugar the better!

After Dinner Drinks

Brandy snifter

A selection of fine Digestifs is offered to the guests of our BBQ Aficionados.

Brandy or a good Port are amongst their favourites. 

They also have club soda with a twist of lime, for the designated drivers.
Our cave dweller doesn’t want to abandon their beloved XXXX.

So, they break out a bottle of Jägermeister.

They finds some shot glasses, too, and starts making Jägerbombs. 

The cave dweller conscientiously collects all of their guests’ cars keys.

How They Cook

SWAP'n'GO BBQ gas bottleOur BBQ Aficionados wisely chooses to cook with gas.

They know that the food tastes better when cooked with clean burning LPG

They also like the fact that they can start cooking right away and have instant control of the heat, so the food always comes out perfect.


Our cave dwellers use charcoal and lighter fluid. 

They believe that the smell of lighter fluid enhances the flavour of the snags and everything they cook.

Singed eyebrows are just a bonus extra!

So, no matter which style of BBQ you choose, have a fun and safe BBQ season!

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