How to Host a Better BBQ

Keep It Clean

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Wash hands before and after handling food

You don’t want people associating you with the expression “Montezuma’s Revenge”.  

(Your Name) Revenge is not how you really want to be remembered a few hours after the BBQ.

Clean and pre-heat that BBQ before you start.

The same applies to food safety and preparation

Keep it clean and keep it cold until you cook it or eat it. 


chips and salsa

We know you want to show off your BBQ skills with everyone watching. 

You are such an exhibitionist! 

However, people will arrive at your BBQ ready to eat. 

Having some chips and dips is usually a good idea to keep them occupied until you are ready to perform. 

Besides, you wouldn’t want them drinking all that beer on a totally empty stomach, would you?

Buy Enough for a Ravenous Horde

BBQ meat and prawns on the grillIn cave dweller times, the hunter was expected to bring home enough meat for the entire clan. 

Not everyone is on a diet.

Even those that are on a diet seem to forget at BBQ time.

There is nothing more awkward or embarrassing than running out of food at a BBQ. 

The worst that can happen, if you cook too much food, is that you freeze the leftovers and your dog will be eating gourmet fare out of the freezer for the next month.

Cook It…  Don’t Cremate It!

Sausages burned on the BBQ

Contrary to popular belief, having your steaks and snags looking like bits of charcoal is not appetising.

While nobody wants undercooked meat, don’t get carried away with the cook time.

The end result should look pretty much the same as what you would cook if you were indoors.

And blaming it on one too many beers isn’t going to get you much sympathy.

Buy Enough for a Thirsty Horde

Cold drinks on ice

Yes, people do expect liquid refreshments with their BBQ.

When you go out to buy your drinks, try to remember that not everyone drinks beer. 


There are people who drink this stuff called “wine”, which they actually prefer over beer.

Go figure? 

There are even people who have outed themselves as soft drink addicts.

It may only be because they are the designated driver but don’t forget them either.

There is a Dirty Rumour That You Can BBQ Vegetables

BBQ vegetables

Not everyone wants dead cow juice running down their chin.

There are these people called “Vegetarians” that actually don’t eat meat.

Imagine that?! 

Others actually like vegetables with their meat.

Another revelation! 

You need to keep these people happy, too.

Having a few vegetables on the BBQ menu will not ruin your manly reputation.

Don’t Forget the Other Stuff

Ice for a BBQRunning out of gas mid-BBQ, and making a mad dash to the local servo, is so very uncool. 

Make sure you have a second full gas bottle ready to go

Not having enough ice is another bummer. 

Warm beer just doesn’t do it for most people. 

There is also a strange phenomenon at BBQs, as you always need more cups, plates and cutlery than you have people. 

There is a theory that BBQ trolls steal these items when you aren’t looking but this is unproven.

Just in case it is true, buy extras to appease the troll gods.

Have a great BBQ!




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