Effortless LPG: LPG as Easy as Natural Gas

Wouldn’t it be great if having home LPG was as convenient as having natural gas? 

What if there was Another Way?

We know that the traditional way of managing and supplying home LPG is not very convenient. 
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You need to check the levels of your gas bottles, manage the gas bottle changeover valve and call to order your gas delivery.  
If you forget to check your gas bottles or fail to order in time, you can even run out of gas. 
These are all things that you don’t have to do with natural gas and they are no fun at all! 
That’s why we created a better way.

Now you can make home LPG as hassle free as natural gas

This can be a reality with our Effortless LPG™ programme.  
There are two key parts to the programme, our very smart computer system and our state-of-the-art automatic LPG tanker deliveries.
Our computer system tracks your gas usage, including seasonal differences.  
Using this information, along with the date of your last delivery, the system calculates when you will need your next delivery. 
Safety margins are included in the calculation so that your delivery is scheduled well before your supply gets to the critical stage.  
The computer schedules your delivery without you having to check your gas bottles or calling to order.

Automatic Tanker Delivery

LPG tanker truckYour delivery is made automatically by an LPG tanker truck.  
The driver connects the tanker to the gas bottles on your home and fills them to capacity, without need for exchanging them. 
The only requirement is that the gas bottles are located in a spot where tanker filling can be done safely. 
You only get billed for the litres of gas that you have used since the last delivery.  
The truck is equipped with an on-board computer that prints out a delivery docket onsite and the driver leaves it for your records.
To make the whole process truly effortless, you can also set up direct debit payments
With direct debit and automatic tanker deliveries, you never need to make a call or even lift a finger to manage your LPG needs.  
We do it all for you.
If you are tired of all the hassles of traditional LPG gas bottle deliveries, switch to Effortless LPG. 

You’ll be glad you did!

Comments, questions or feedback?
Please Email us at:   [email protected]

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