Tankless, Instant or Continuous Flow Hot Water?

No matter what you call them, they are great NZ gas hot water systems.  Actually, all three terms are very descriptive of this increasingly popular style of water heater.
They are “tankless”.  Instead of having a traditional storage tank full of water, which has to be kept at a minimum of 60°C to prevent bacterial growth, tankless water heaters only heat the water when you need it.  A tankless water heater detects when you turn on the hot water tap and heats the water as it passes through the unit.  When you turn off the tap, the tankless water heater also turns off.  This helps save energy and money.
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Being tankless also means that these units are much smaller.  Instead of a big bulky tank, you get a small box that is installed on your wall.  The units are available for both internal and external installations.  In New Zealand, most are installed outside the home. Rinnai Infinity 26 LPG gas hot water system
Bosch 26e Highflow LPG gas hot water system“Continuous flow” accurately describes how they work.  You never run out of hot water because, unlike storage tank systems, it does not rely on pre-heating a quantity of water.  You could have a house full of visitors, be last in the shower queue, and still have hot water.  Just think, no more cold showers!
They are also virtually “instant”, as the hot water starts flowing within seconds of turning on the tap.  The length of time does depend on the length of pipe between the hot water heater and the tap.
There are other advantages, too.  The water may be cleaner, as there can be no rust in the water from rust build up in the tank.  Unlike storage tank units, there is no risk of health issues from organism growth, such as Legionella bacteria, as there is no water being stored in which they can grow.  All these advantages help make tankless, instant, continuous flow gas hot water heaters a great choice for your next hot water system.
Rinnai and Bosch are the two leading brands in NZ.  Rinnai Infinity Gas Hot Water Systems are the best sellers, with the Rinnai Infinity 26 being the leading model.  Bosch Highflow Gas Hot Water Systems feature great German engineering and reliability.  They also have their Bosch HydroPower range, which requires no electrical connection.  Both offer models with remote temperature controls.  Best of all, you can’t go wrong with either brand.
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