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Most Satisfied Customers | Elgas

Elgas has topped Canstar Blue’s first ever customer satisfaction ratings for LPG suppliers. Elgas leads the way from Genesis and Contact Energy.

Elgas leads the way in LPG supply ratings

Liquefied Petroleum Gas – or ‘LPG’ – is used by thousands of New Zealand homes and businesses for heating, cooking and hot water. Unlike natural gas, which is delivered straight to your home through pipes, LPG is delivered in bottles that have to be replaced or refilled from time to time. This means that when it comes to LPG, you don’t just want the best price, you also want a supplier that is both reliable and makes ordering a new gas bottle simple. But short of trying every LPG company, how do you find a supplier that ticks all these boxes? Well, that’s where Canstar Blue can help.

Canstar Blue regularly asks customers to rate their experience with different companies across dozens of products. This year, we asked LPG customers what they consider is important in an LPG supplier and how they rate the company they currently use. After surveying over 300 households, one clear winner emerged, and that’s Elgas.

  • Elgas is one of the largest suppliers of LPG in Australia and New Zealand. It took five stars in the all-important overall satisfaction variable, as well as value for money, customer service and bill & cost clarity. Elgas also received four stars for its perceived environmental focus, however it stumbled in its rating for tools and advice.
  • Genesis Energy scored four stars for overall satisfaction and all other variables. It performed better than the other suppliers for its tools and advice.
  • Contact Energy scored four star for overall satisfaction, value for money, environmental sustainability and bill clarity. Most notably, it received five stars for its customer service.

It can be a little tricky to compare LPG suppliers (which is why we’re here to help). In fact, only 18% of the customers we surveyed say they’ve compared suppliers online. Even if you have shopped around for the best price and service in the past, it’s possible that a better offer has popped up elsewhere that you’re missing out on. Of course, we understand the LPG market can be pretty confusing, so here we will walk you through everything you need to know about LPG to help you find a great deal with a reliable supplier.

New Zealand LPG Providers Compared

Three of New Zealand’s largest gas providers appeared in the 2018 customer satisfaction ratings. In order to be considered in this year’s ratings, a retailer must have received a minimum of 30 survey responses. This year’s ratings included Elgas, Genesis and Contact Energy. Here is a little more information about them.


Elgas provides LPG for homes, businesses and barbecue customers. Elgas offers automatic LPG home delivery, whereby it monitors your usage and schedule deliveries so that you don’t even need to lift a finger. Alternatively, you can sign up for alerts to check your gas usage and you can order a new bottle simply by texting Elgas.

New Elgas customers receive $100 worth of LPG Gas Credits. Elgas provides two 45kg LPG gas bottles linked to a changeover valve. This means that when one tank runs out, the gas switches to the other tank so you’re not left stranded while waiting for a new bottle to replace the empty tank. To sweeten the deal, customers can earn one FlyBuys point for every $30 spent on gas.


Genesis says it is New Zealand’s largest electricity and gas retailer, supplying through its two brands – Genesis and Energy Online. In addition to its electricity and natural gas offers, Genesis also supplies LPG. It has three controlled bottled gas control plans for $90, $120 and $220 per month respectively. This deal gives customers 9, 12 or 24 bottles over a 12 month period and customers receive a 10% discount for prompt payment, plus access to the Energy IQ app to order new bottles conveniently. Alternatively, customers can sign up to the ‘bottled gas smart plan’, which gives customers one free 45kg bottle of LPG. Again customers on this deal receive a 10% prompt payment discount, plus access to Energy IQ. Dual fuel discounts may be available to customers that sign up both electricity and bottled gas.

Contact Energy

Contact Energy is an electricity, gas and broadband retailer that also offers LPG products. Contact Energy says it has you covered with 30 supply depots nationwide. Contact delivers a Home Pack of two 45kg gas bottles with a regulator to switch the tanks when one is empty. Customers can also use the Contact Gas App, which allows customers to conveniently order a gas refill via a mobile app.


The above is an extract from the Canstar Blue website


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