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Rinnai Arriva 752 Inbuilt

Rinnai Arriva 752 Inbuilt

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Rinnai Arriva 752 Power Flued Fire Inbuilt

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Rinnai Arriva 752 Inbuilt
Rinnai Arriva 752 Power Flued Fire Inbuilt
Elegant and stylish: With 6 beautiful fascia options and modern quartz or pebble burn media, the Arriva 752 will look amazing in your living room
Key Features
High performance and resource considerate: Efficiency ensures highest heat output for lowest energy consumption
  • Rinnai power flue: Removes usual flue or venting restrictions and allows the Arriva to be installed in rooms where other gas fires cannot go
  • Reassuring features: Thermostat control, set and forget dual timer, and child lock
  • A TV may be suitable for installing above an Arriva 752 depending upon the TV manufacturer's instructions
  • Suitable for Living rooms and open plan areas. Versatile power flue system makes for easy installation in almost any living space, including bedrooms
  • General clearances around the Arriva when operating: The appliance must not be installed where curtains or other combustible materials (coffee tables, couches etc.) could come into contact with the heater. In some cases curtains may need restraining. The 1000 mm clearance above is the clearance to the ceiling. The 400 mm side clearance includes side walls.
Burner: Ember bed and flame burner
  • Combustion system: Yellow flame and bunsen multi port burner
  • Data plate: Inside appliance, upper right hand side, behind convection fan
  • Fan 3-speed (high, medium, and low) radial blower
  • Flue Balanced flue, inner - 50 mm, outer 80 mm. Rinnai warranty conditions will be voided if non Rinnai flue components are fitted. This heater is only certified for use with approved Rinnai flueing components.
  • Gas connection � " BSP (lower right hand side of appliance).
Gas control Electronic control
  • Ignition Continuous spark electronic ignition
  • Noise level 33-41 dB(A), fan low to high
  • Power consumption High 90 W, low 60 W, standby 10 W. Standard electrical connection is to the right hand side of the appliance.
  • Temperature control Thermostatic, temperature control 16-26 �C
  • Efficiency 79-89%
Inout: 8-31.5 MJ/h
Technical Specifications
Output: 1.8-7.0 kW
Energy Star Rating 5.6
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Additional Information

Megajoules No

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